Usage Guidance

Remember that Intel policies still apply while you participate in this program, including the  Code of ConductSocial Media Practitioner Guidelines, and Social Media Guidelines.

Things to remember when posting on social media:

Always Disclose

  • Be Truthful and Transparent
  • Disclose material connections
  • Disclose properly or be personally liable
  • Use hashtags or phrases to identify your connection to Intel (Ex: #IamIntel, Proud Intel employee). If you are endorsing Intel in any way (saying nice things about Intel, its products, or its services, or telling people to choose Intel), you need to let your audience know you are an Intel employee by saying so in your posting. If you are an employee based in the European Union, you must disclose your association with Intel in all social media posts you make from the platform, whether it would be considered an endorsement or not.
  • Don’t disclose confidential information, or discuss topics you aren’t authorized to discuss (litigation, Intel financials, business strategies).

Use Common Sense

  • You decide what to publish and share
  • Once posted on the internet, you can’t take it back
  • Everyone makes mistakes - Contact for guidance


  • Be alert: everything you post becomes public
  • Be careful about using 3rd-party content. If you’re not using Intel sourced, you may need additional licenses. Check with
  • Don’t disparage competitors
  • Protect trademarks & brands
  • Don’t over-share